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Professionelt rengøringsfirma
Vi er her for at gøre dit rum til et rent og behageligt miljø at arbejde i eller bo i.
Privat rengøring af et professionelt og troværdigt rengøringsfirma. Hos CLEANOVA er du i trygge og professionelle hænder med din private rengøringsassistance. Med 7 års erfaring og mange privatkunder i Københavnsområdet har vi faste og overskuelige arbejdsprocesser, der altid sikrer dig et pænt rent hjem.
Ønsker du almindelig rengøringshjælp eller måske bare hjælp til almindelig rengøring? Hos CLEANOVA hjælper vi til daglig med faste rengøringsaftaler samt behov for kun engangsrengøring. Vi dækker hele København med vores rengøringsservice.

Vi ønsker at gøre det nemmere for os at vise dig den service og værdi, CLEANOVA tilbyder. Derfor har vi valgt at give 50% rabat på den første rengøring. Det giver dig en billig og uforpligtende mulighed for at se, hvilket resultat du får med professionel rengøringshjælp. Vi kører tilbuddet i en begrænset periode.

Få et godt og lokalt tilbud hos os!
Professional services
Our prices are including materials. All of our services are subject to Denmark's 'håndværkerfradrag' through Skat, which means that 27% of each bill can be knocked off the price. Prices are excl. Moms (VAT)
Apartment & house cleaning
Cleaning of all rooms, including toilets, bath, kitchen, mirrors, and internal glass surfaces. Care of wooden floors, tiles, vinyl, and linoleum floors.
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Office cleaning

Cleaning of all office premises, shops, cafe & restaurants. Care of wooden floors, tiles, vinyl, and linoleum floors.
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Regular cleaning
Regular housing cleaning takes 2-4 hours and includes vacuum and sweep all floor, wipe down baseboards, scrub shower and bathtub, scrub toilets and dust everything
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Main cleaning

This type of cleaning is all the things you would like to have done that regular cleaning does not include. It is very detailed cleaning that is mostly use while moving in/out.

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Our work
We are here to make your space a clean and pleasant environment to work or to live in

Our values

  • 1


    We are a small cleaning company with a few trusted employees. You always get the same cleaning assistant to help you keep clean.

  • 2


    Our cleaning assistants are all trained. In addition, they take ongoing courses to ensure the right routines and products in their cleaning.
  • 3


    With 7 years of experience, you are always guaranteed a thorough cleaning, based on the right cleaning routines and strict quality control.
  • 4
    Customer Focused

    Our friendly customer service team is always available by phone, online chat, text or email.

  • 5
    Flexible Scheduling
    Bookings are always 100% flexible. Pick a date & time and if it needs to change, update the booking online or give us a call.
  • 6
    We Care

    Our cleaners and customers are very important to us. We strive to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and our top priority is your satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

The price of cleaning depends on the following components:
  • The size of the apartment/house/office
  • Type of service you have ordered
  • Your individual wishes
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